Nikishenko Andrey, LL.M.


Corporate law

– registration, reorganization, liquidation of LLC, JSC and etc.

– acquisition and sale of business, M&A transactions

– accreditation of representation offices and branches of foreign firms, extension and liquidation, tax registration

– preparation of foundation and internal documents of companies including shareholders’ agreements

– development of corporate structure of a company/holding

– restructurisation of companies/holdings

– legal assistance in investment activity of companies in Russia and abroad, creation of joint-ventures

– legal assistance in placement of shares and bonds

Contractual law

– preparation of civil agreements, including on transborder agreements, loan agreements, suretyships, factoring, leasing, commercial concession agreements and etc.

Labor Law

– preparation of internal employment documentation of a company, including employment contracts, amendments thereto, employment termination agreements

– preparation of confidentiality agreements, agreements on material responsibility, additional remunerations, etc.

– participation in labour disputes, intermediation/mediation

– preparation of migration documents for foreign employees, including for highly-qualified employees

– assistance in obtaining of entry visa into the Russian Federation


– consultation on dispute resolution questions

– intermediation/mediation, pre-court settlement of disputes, communication with parties of disputes

– consultation and drafting of arbitration clauses and agreements

– preparation of court applications and complaints;

– representation in courts and arbitration;

– assistance in execution of court decisions

Immovables transactions

– consultation and assistance in immovable transactions, sale-purchase of land plots, buildings and property complexes

– legal expertise of immovable rights, analysis of legal risks

– preparation of investment plans for construction activity

– preparation of contractor’s agreements, rent, leasing

– representation of clients in immovable disputes

Representation of interests abroad

– assistance in set-up of companies with Russian investments in EU, including Germany, France, UK, Switzerland and Luxembourg

– Consultations on laws of Germany, France and UK in the sphere of creation of legal entities and representative offices, optimization of taxation, recovery of debts, execution of Russian court decisions, participation in court proceedings

Foreign languages