Registration of legal entities in Russia

Registration of legal entities in Russia is carried out in accordance with the Federal law “On state registration of legal entities” No. 129-FZ of 8 August 2001 (hereinafter: the “Law on state registration”). The text of the Law is officially published in” Rossiyskaya Gazeta ” of August 10, 2001 N 153.

Legal entities in Russia are:

– Business partnerships and companies (General partnerships, limited partnerships, limited liability companies and joint stock companies);

– production cooperatives;

– state and municipal unitary enterprises;

– non-profit organizations.

The law on state registration regulates the procedure for registration of legal entities when they are created, reorganized and liquidated, when amendments are made to their constituent documents, as well as the procedure for maintaining the unified state register of legal entities.

Registration of all legal entities is currently carried out by the territorial bodies of the Ministry of taxes and duties of the Russian Federation.

The registration period is 7 working days. The state fee for registration of one legal entity is 4000 rubles. Upon completion of the state registration, a legal entity receives the following documents:

– Certificate of state registration.

– The certificate on statement on the tax account.

– Extract from the Unified state register of legal entities.

A legal entity is automatically registered with the pension Fund, the compulsory health insurance Fund and the social insurance Fund.

For registration of a legal entity with participation of a foreign company the following documents are submitted:

1. The registration statement on form Р11001

The application is submitted in Russian, the applicant’s signature must be notarized. If the application is signed abroad, an apostille must be attached.

2. Decision of the founders on the establishment of a legal entity*

3. Charter of legal entity*

4. Extract from the trade register of the foreign parent company*

5. Receipt of payment of the state fee

* Documents drawn up abroad must be apostilled, and consular legalization is required for countries that are not parties to the Hague Convention of 1961.

In Moscow, the registration is carried out by the inter-District inspection of the MNS of Russia No. 46. The address of the inspection and details for payment of the state fee can be found on the website of the Moscow Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia:

Details of the tax authorities carrying out the registration of legal entities in the regions of Russia are listed on the website of the Federal tax service of Russia

from Andrey Nikishenko, 2018